Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

BTG provides comprehensive services to develop, implement, test, and provide training for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning programs to ensure organizations can effectively prepare for and plan to recover from different types of disasters and incidents.

Professional and consulting services available, but not limited to, include:

Business Continuity Plan Review and Development

A comprehensive business continuity and recovery plan is essential to preparing for and responding to disruptive events, and dramatically improves the ability to recover business operations when such events occur. BTG will ensure the existing business continuity and recovery plans are further developed and tested. This will enable the organization to recover critical information assets and restore the related IT infrastructure components in the event of a severe disruption to routine operations. The phases include:

  • Business Continuity Strategy Development
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Plan Development
  • Business Continuity Plan Training
Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

BTG will review the financial institutions current vulnerabilities to natural and man-made threats and hazards, their probability of occurrence and the resulting risks to organizational assets, and identify controls to mitigate the highest priority risks and estimated costs of implementing control measures.

BTG will identify the tangible and intangible impacts to the financial institution resulting from disruptions and/or disaster scenarios identify critical business functions, their priorities and interdependencies and establish recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives requirements based on critical business functions. Identify gaps in capabilities to meet business continuity objectives & requirements.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing

With the assistance of BTG, organizations are able to assess how effective its Business Continuity Policy and Plan is in the event of a disaster with Business Continuity/DR Testing. Based on your size and scale, Buckley Technology Group will customize an appropriate testing scenario to ensure that your management team is adequately prepared.

BTG Business Continuity/DR Testing includes:

  • A remote/table-top test of the program and/or mock testing at alternative location
  • Contingency testing with core processor and other applicable critical service providers
  • Report of test results to be provided to executive management
  • Revision of plan based on test results