March 18, 2021

Financial Institutions Must Comply with the FedLine Solutions Security and Resiliency Assurance Program

In January 2021, the Federal Reserve Banks (FRBs) began notifying financial institutions of its requirements and expectations to comply with the FedLine Solutions Security and Resiliency Program.  Under the Program, (1) financial institutions must complete an assessment of compliance with the FRBs’ FedLine security requirements and (2) submit an attestation letter to the FRBs that the assessment has been completed.  The assessment and attestation must be completed by December 31st, 2021 and annually thereafter. 

To assist our clients in meeting the FRBs’ Program expectations, BTG has developed an assessment framework aligning directly with the FRBs’ FedLine security and control requirements.  BTG’s FedLine Security Assurance Assessment ensures that institutions have the controls and processes in place to protect FedLine applications, and provides assurance to your institution enabling confidence in your attestation to the Federal Reserve Banks. 

If there are any questions or if you are interested in the FedLine Security Assurance Assessment, please contact Elisabeth Esposito at